Spread the Word… Share the Wealth!

A good word...is worth a good deal...$50!

Friendship has always been rewarding. Now we've made it even more so. Tell your friends about us and score $50 for each one that opens a qualifying account, loan or credit card. It's that easy. And there's no limit to how many friends you can refer. Which means there's no limit to how much cash you can score.

We know you love being a member, but here's a reminder of the great things Partner Colorado can do for you. And your friends.

  • Convenient savings, kids accounts, teen accounts, CDs and IRAs
  • High interest checking with a VISA® Debit Card
  • Low rates on first mortgages, HELOCs and personal loans
  • Score travel, merchandise and more with our Rewards Platinum Visa®
  • Great rates and flexible terms on auto loans
  • And $50 per referral!*

Just fill out the online referral form to refer a friend to us. When they open one of the items from the list below, we'll deposit $50 into your account...and theirs!

  • Certificate of Deposit (CD) with at least $500
  • Money Market account with at least $500
  • Checking account with at least $500 or direct deposit
  • Auto loan
  • HELOC or home equity loan
  • Rewards Platinum Visa® credit card

The more you share, the more you get. There's no limit to the number of friends you can refer...or the $50 bills you can score. So, make a call, text a friend or facetime your BFF and let them know we'll be calling.

And thanks for sharing!

Only Partner Colorado members are eligible to participate.

All referred members must meet requirements no later than 60 days of receiving the referral form.

Partner Colorado’s Family and Friends Referral program is available to members who are 18 years or older. We are not responsible for incomplete or illegible referral forms that result in our inability to determine the name of the referring or new member. We reserve the right to cancel the promotion without notice. Partner Colorado employees are not eligible. We reserve the right to disqualify any referrals in circumstances where we reasonably believe they were not sent to us in good faith. This offer may be modified or discontinued at any time at the discretion of Partner Colorado Credit Union.

Referring Member: $50 will be deposited into your account after the person you refer completes the required qualifications. Taxes due on deposits made are the sole responsibility of the recipient.

New Member: $50 will be deposited into your account within 30 days from all program requirements being met: to qualify, you must open one of the following: a CD with at least $500, a money market account with at least $500, a checking account with at least $500 or direct deposit, an auto loan, a HELOC or home equity loan or be approved for a Rewards Platinum Visa® credit card, within 60 days of receiving the referral form. The $50 bonus is not considered part of the minimum opening balance of any account. Your new accounts and/or loans must remain open and in good standing for 120 days. You will be charged a closed account fee of $50 if you close your membership within 120 days of opening. You are not eligible for this offer if you were a member of Partner Colorado and closed your account within the last 12 months. Accounts are subject to all terms and conditions set forth in the current Account Agreement booklet.